Rahil Hesan

Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.

She graduated Fashion Designs from Cavendish College in London, and also completed courses in Accessory designs, Textile, Color Theory and Fashion Psychology.

Warda Za’abeel Road

Her boutique Warda Za’abeel Road which means flower is her style sanctum for the past five years. Joining Dubai Fashion Week for the first time doesn’t mean her being neophyte in the fashion arena, her no nonsense know-how in the trade is on her blood, she breath and live on it.

Her collection is the totality of her persona, her angst, her glamour her feelings and her own style agenda. Rahil Hesan is very personal to her working habits and is involve from the designs to fabric choice, cutting to embroidery, embellishments to finishing. Meticulously inclined her details mark a place and make it special. She designs all her own collection, both for fashion and accessories dreaming it into a signature global garment. Her new boutique cum atelier in Jumeirah, symbolize her, restrained yet elegant.

Passion for Fashion

“The new fashion line is a continuation of my spirit and my feeling for fashion, uncomprising all the details that I want to add to the shape of the garment, making it younger and cooler, but still with an attitude and style that make it a signature design of my line.”


Her clients are overt and individual, they love to talk about themselves and get involved in process, until the wardrobe is finished. Her favorite designer is Madame Chanel, who for her was one of the most inspiring women of her time because she was both fierce and free and worked for herself. She was endowed with natural talent that made her global. Talent is one of the most inspiring things in life and not everybody has it, but it’s amazing to see it in those who possess it.

“I love Dior too for his extraordinary use of embroidery. He understood its intricacies. A lot of different talents are inspiring in different fields, with a sense of being open, receptive, humble and disciplined. Clients who definitely understand their femininity in fashion buys my clothes, their individualistic take on trends and wearability, comfortable and fit, an image of a woman with richer style sensibilities and more nuanced depictions of fashion.”